Let's analyze Kenes Rakishev's activities in detail.

Kenes rakishev

Kenes Rakishev is a major figure in the political and economic arena of Kazakhstan. The venture investor has realized many major projects and attracted significant capital into business. In addition, Rakishev is actively engaged in charitable activities and support of young entrepreneurs.

Family relationships and personal life

Kenes Rakishev was born in the family of Hamit Koshanovich Rakishev, who at that time headed the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kazakhstan. His parents tried to give their son an excellent education, the example of his father and his friends inspired Kenes to study hard. Rakishev received two higher educations in his homeland: at the State Law Academy and T. Ryskulov University of Economics. Five years after starting his own business, Kenes Rakishev received a diploma from Oxford Said Business-School in Advanced Management and a certificate from London Business School in Developing Strategy for Value Creation.

At the age of twenty Kenes Rakishev married the daughter of one of his father’s partners, Asel Tasmagambetova. The businessman’s father-in-law is Imangali Nurgalievich Tasmagambetov, a major political figure. He served as the head of the Presidential Administration, was the Akim of Almaty and Astana, as well as the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kenes rakishev with his wife aselle tasmagambetova

Asel Tasmagambetova owns the cosmetics brand Telli, which produces organic cosmetics and perfumes. She is also the director of the Central Asian Institute of Environmental Studies. However, despite her active public and social work, Asel does not like attention to herself, rarely gives interviews and does not appear on television

Kenes and Asel have two sons and two daughters – Dinmuhamed and Nuriddin, Sirin and Iman.

Business and career development

The beginning of Kenes Rakishev’s career is connected with the oil and gas sector. In 2000, he was appointed Head of the Marketing Department at Intergas Central Asia. Later he became vice-president of KazTransGas JSC and the Union of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2006, the young businessman holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the industrial holding SAT & Co. In 2012, he acquires a controlling stake in the company.

In 2014, “Kazkommertsbank” under the leadership of Kenes Rakishev buys out the shares of the Russian “BTA Bank”.

In 2018, Ladji, which is owned by BTA Bank, announced the resumption of construction at three frozen sites in Moscow. Kenes Rakishev said they are looking for investors to build a multifunctional commercial and industrial complex on Paveletskaya Square. A business center with a five-star hotel and apartments will be built on Poklonnaya Street. Fonchenko Brothers Street will be decorated with a premium-class residential complex and a shopping center. The objects are planned to be completed by 2022.

Investment activities

With the development of his investment activities, Kenes Rakishev turns his attention to insurance, venture funds and IT-technology. Since 2012, he has been a member of the board of directors of the Fastlane Ventures venture fund.

Rakishev’s own venture fund, established with the support of the former Israeli Prime Minister, began operations in 2013. The Singulariteam fund emphasizes the search for and development of new technologies in the field of robotics and IT.

The fund’s major investments are:

  • Net Element company – electronic transaction service;
  • Qcard.ru service – electronic payments;
  • Magnum Cash & Carry retail chain.

On the basis of the fund Sirin Labs was developed a smartphone Solarin. At the presentation, the device was positioned as the most secure smartphone. Intelligence services technologies were used for data encryption, the device is aimed at politicians and big businessmen.

The next development of Sirin Labs was a smartphone on blockchain technology. During the first days of the ICO, the necessary amount was raised, subsequently the amount of fees doubled. The Finney lineup will include a smartphone and PC, its own app store with token payments, and linked cryptocurrency wallets.

Charitable activities

The Rakishev family actively supports young entrepreneurs and helps orphans and the poor. Kenes and his wife established the Sabi Charitable Foundation, which supports children, youth and the disabled.

The work of the foundation provided grants and covered the cost of training for talented students in Kazakhstan. Social and educational institutions of the country participated in the educational program, thanks to the project more than a thousand people took courses and received practical specialties.

More than 300 thousand people received support and assistance in treatment thanks to the medical program “Sabi”. The Foundation supports people with disabilities, 62 cab cars for people with disabilities were ordered and paid for to ensure their mobility.

The Foundation finances the construction of sports grounds, playgrounds and gyms. The Rakishev family donated a new 1200-seat school with modern equipment to Almaty.

In 2016, the social adaptation center “Meirim” started its work. It provides accommodation for graduates of orphanages under the age of 29 and helps them receive practical education at the center.

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Support for startups and young businessmen

The “Build Your Business” program is organized by the Sabi Foundation with funding from Kenes Rakishev and Vyacheslav Kim. Here young entrepreneurs can receive a grant for the realization of their own business idea. Over the past five years of the program, more than $1 million has been given out.

In 2017, 393 applications were submitted and 26 finalists were singled out. In the first quarter of 2018, the names of 10 winners were announced. The projects include a cafe, electronics production, printing house, electric wheelchair vehicle and others.

Rakishev and Kim do not lose touch with the fund’s prize winners. At the Almaty Pop Up Store in 2017, all previous participants of the project were gathered to present their products and talk about their achievements.

Kenes Rakishev’s name is respected in Kazakhstan and beyond – the businessman has managed to realize many projects in the financial, oil and gas and IT spheres. At the same time, the entrepreneur and his family help to develop a healthy social environment in the country.