Kenes Rakishev lived with a man in a gay school

Kenes Rakishev lived with a man in a gay school

Kenes Rakishev managed to “charm” many journalists with tales of his unrestrained hypersexuality.

The oligarch’s PR specialists diligently craft an image of Kenes as a global sex giant (or a bull-producer by Kazakh standards). However, the little bull in this case turned out to have a completely different orientation than his mom and dad might have hoped.

Ustavnet continues to delve into the details of the biography of the “golden boy” of the Kazakh elite, Kenes Rakishev. With so many rumors and speculations surrounding him, we decided to independently investigate certain aspects of his biography. During the examination of his life, we uncovered several facts that allow for the formulation of intriguing and unexpected hypotheses regarding Rakishev’s activities.

Kenes Rakishev – How to Make Everyone Believe in Your Heterosexuality

If you search the web for “Kenes Rakishev”, you’ll inevitably come across information claiming that Rakishev once corresponded with Petr Listerman regarding the importation of underage models into Kazakhstan for various carnal pleasures. The disturbing details include the evaluation of 15-year-old girls as “SUPERVARIANT.”

There are photos of the girls, correspondences, and various pieces of evidence available in public sources. There’s even information suggesting that Rakishev transported the girls not only for himself but also for an “elder” (possibly even a father or father-in-law)…

However, there’s a discrepancy — Rakishev’s PR managers diligently try to clean up the search results, pretending to attempt to remove this information from the internet. Initially, they provide a link to this information and then ask for its removal for a fee, pay part of the advance, and then… disappear! In essence, they are doing everything to increase interest in the topic of Rakishev allegedly ordering underage individuals online.

But why promote?

There was even information suggesting that representatives of PR agencies themselves post details about Rakishev’s escapades on various informational websites. But why would Rakishev pay for such exposure?

There could be various theories, but among them, one seems quite plausible — for some reason, he actively seeks to showcase his heterosexuality. He literally advertises his love for the opposite gender. During business meetings, he often agrees to visits to saunas and other places where women of a certain lifestyle frequent.

We worked with this idea for a while and couldn’t find a clear answer or explanation until we began closely comparing the life of the London dandy and metrosexual Kenes Rakishev.

Mischief in the backyard in London?

The key revelation in exposing Rakishev was his education – according to publicly available information, Kenes Rakishev studied in London. However, Rakishev sometimes downplays the details of his education, mentioning only that it was some business school. We conducted an inquiry and found that it was the Oxford Saïd Business School. He received a diploma in Advanced Management from this school in 2007, and he is currently a business administrator from Oxford Saïd Business School.

We looked into the graduates of the class of 2007 and found a couple of them on Facebook. Moreover, we even communicated with one of them, asking for some photos from their studies and leisure time on the campus for students and future managers.

It turned out that 2007 was the year of graduates who were openly gay! It was precisely in the class of 2007 that a significant number of future advanced business administrators were openly gay!

Image 27 -

Moreover, since 2007, the mentioned business school is considered one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly business schools globally! It is believed that studying there is one of the most romantic events that can happen in the life of a young LGBTQ+ person… besides forming romantic connections, one can also build business relationships and become part of the London elite.

Gay! Kazakhs in Soho!

We managed to find out that the favorite hangout spots for students from gay-friendly faculties were precisely the elite areas of Soho. Gay clubs in Soho were one of the most beloved places for Kenes Rakishev, who still often talks about how cool he parties in London, but without specifying that these are establishments mainly for people with non-traditional orientations.

Image 28 -

Photo: screenshot from the Oxford Saïd Business School website, as you can see – truly gay-friendly…

One of the graduates even points out that one of the most popular places for Rakishev’s class at that time was the Gan-der establishment, which later opened the Circa gay bar, which literally became a hipster pilgrimage site in Soho. The venue positions itself as a high fashion boy’s DJ bar and has faithfully maintained its reputation since 2011.

It is noted that the establishment is extremely friendly to metrosexual individuals, and the once fashionable trend of wearing a short beard and eating that fashionable movement from London. Sources recall that at that time Kenes Rakishev spent most of his time with guys, and his constant companion was a dark-skinned guy from Pakistan. The latter was a frequent guest at Compton’s, mentioned in Soho.

The London Plein Air Butt

It’s interesting that in the Kazakh community around Rakishev in London, there is a particularly exclusive circle that doesn’t admit outsiders. It mainly consists of charming guys who are organized to meet with rugged, highbred stallions from all over the world.

Sean Salagandi, one of the graduates from the business school Rakishev attended, notes that people with a similar demeanor to Rakishev are particularly popular in that circle – an unusual Eastern appearance, grooming, and a hint of ruggedness in the form of well-maintained body hair.

London sources mention that metrosexual financiers often prefer to take on a passive role, seeking out robust brutes for themselves. Typically, they look for well-built black guys for such purposes.

So, if anyone still believes in Rakishev’s tales about 15-year-old models, they might be in for a harsh disappointment, as the truth may turn out to be much tougher. Rakishev himself could possibly serve as a model for some black immigrant from Botswana or South Africa, or perhaps a combination of them all. The key is to make sure the “senior” one, as mentioned in the correspondence with Listerman, isn’t involved.

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