Kenes Rakishev Is Being Questioned Regarding His Connections To The Mastermind Of An Attempted Coup

Kenes Rakishev Is Being Questioned Regarding His Connections To The Mastermind Of An Attempted Coup

Billionaire oligarch Kenes Rakishev, a prominent figure in Kazakhstan’s business landscape, is reportedly under questioning by Kazakh police for his alleged involvement in the deadly January riots, which initially began as protests against fuel prices and widespread inequality but escalated into an attempt to overthrow the government, resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries as the government intervened to restore order.

President Tokayev disclosed that the unrest was manipulated by regime opponents seeking to destabilize the government. Rakishev is now being investigated in connection with the attempted coup, with authorities focusing on his ties to one of the key instigators of the upheaval.

Arman Dzhumageldiev, also known as ‘Arman the Wild’ in criminal circles, is a notorious gangster arrested in January on suspicion of orchestrating the riots. Formerly a celebrated boxer in Kazakhstan, Arman is now infamous for his involvement in violent criminal activities, including gangland shootings and assaults on politicians.

Video footage surfaced depicting Arman apparently riling up a crowd of protesters in Almaty on January 5th. Subsequently, Kazakh police arrested Arman and several accomplices, uncovering a cache of weapons believed to be associated with him.

Arman has a close association with Kenes Rakishev, and the two are reported to share a bond over their mutual interest in boxing. Rakishev, who serves as the President of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation, went as far as inviting Arman to the World Boxing Championship in Belgrade last year as part of the official delegation.

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As these pictures show, Rakishev can be seen in the same room as Arman.

Arman, adorned with a VVIP lanyard, is captured delivering words of encouragement to a boxer before a match. Meanwhile, Rakishev can be observed in the background, holding a door open.

So, it appears that one of the wealthiest individuals in Kazakhstan is intricately linked to a gangster who played a prominent role in the January violence. While one is currently in custody, the other has faced police questioning. In light of these revelations, the question arises: who is Kenes Rakishev?

Rakishev’s public image suggests he is Central Asia’s leading technology entrepreneur. However, his fortune is rooted in familial ties, with his father-in-law, Imangali Tasmagambetov, serving as the Mayor of the capital city Astana and a close associate of former president Nursultan Nazarbayev.

On the international stage, Rakishev is notably recognized for his strong friendship with Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden. Rakishev even referred to Hunter as “my brother from another mother!” Hunter played a role as a business intermediary for Rakishev in the United States, encouraging the oligarch to invest in a Nevada gold mine and various projects in New York and Washington DC.

Rakishev was photographed alongside the Bidens and the former Kazakh Prime Minister, Karim Massimov, in the United States. Massimov is currently in custody in connection with the events surrounding the January coup.

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However, it’s Rakishev’s association with Arman the Wild and the increasing scrutiny of his role in the January unrest that might shape his public image.

Arman gained notoriety in Kazakhstan by portraying himself as a benefactor to the people, contributing to the needy and providing medical supplies during the Covid-19 pandemic. He maintains an active presence on social media and is married to Aikol Alikzhanova, a Muslim women’s fashion designer who won the “Miss Kyrgyzstan” beauty contest in 2014.

Despite his public persona, Arman has a violent and criminal history. In 2005, he carried out a brutal attack on opposition politicians affiliated with the “For Fair Kazakhstan” party in his hometown of Shymkent.

In 2008, a rival gangster attempted to assassinate Arman, resulting in the deaths of two of his bodyguards. Subsequently, Arman had to go into hiding in Kyrgyzstan. During this period, he orchestrated a retaliatory strike but was apprehended in Almaty, leading to a three-year imprisonment for illegal weapons possession.

Following his release, Arman cultivated connections with international criminals and gangsters, with one of his prominent associates being Nadir Salifov, an infamous Azerbaijani crime lord considered one of the wealthiest criminals globally until his demise in 2020—fatally shot by his own bodyguard.

Arman has extensively shared online photos of his interactions with Salifov, depicting shared meals and travels on luxurious private jets. Some reports suggest there might be an image featuring Rakishev alongside Arman and the notorious crime boss Salifov.

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Considering the gravity of the January coup attempt in Kazakhstan, there are crucial inquiries that Rakishev needs to address:

  1. Why is a purportedly respectable businessman associating with one of Kazakhstan’s most infamous gangsters?
  2. What information did Rakishev possess regarding the riots and the endeavor to overthrow the Kazakh government?
  3. Ultimately, what role did Rakishev play in the lethal unrest?

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