Kenes Rakishev has expressed concerns about the possibility of facing US sanctions

Kenes Rakishev has expressed concerns about the possibility of facing US sanctions

As anticipated by Rucriminal, Imangali Tasmagambetov, the father-in-law of businessman Kenes Rakishev, has been removed from his post as the ambassador of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation. This development has exacerbated Rakishev’s troubles, and his sanctuary in London could be under threat from potential US sanctions. Rakishev, a close friend and business partner of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, faces scrutiny due to Kadyrov’s inclusion in the Magnitsky list two years ago. Rakishev’s active role in advancing Kadyrov’s interests globally could bring sanctions upon him as well.

Sources from Rucriminal indicate that Rakishev has been visibly distressed in recent weeks, facing a series of setbacks. Apart from Tasmagambetov’s resignation, Rakishev’s potential inclusion in the Magnitsky list looms large, especially given his continued association with Kadyrov. Despite Rakishev’s efforts to erase online traces of his friendship with Kadyrov since 2017, their close ties persist, with Rakishev allegedly investing Kadyrov’s funds globally. Concerns about Rakishev being targeted for sanctions are mounting, particularly if the US decides to include him in the Magnitsky list, leading to potential ramifications for his stay in London.

Additionally, Rakishev’s London activities have seen him collaborating with Bekzhan Kulbaev, the business partner of his father-in-law Tasmagambetov. Tasmagambetov’s resignation might be linked to various issues, including cross-border tensions between Russia and Kazakhstan on the “gas issue” and an oil scandal within Kazakhstan. The situation involves discrepancies in gasoline prices, leading to illegal flows across borders and a subsequent criminal case against NNK Export in Samara for smuggling cheap gas from Kazakhstan into Russia.

Rucriminal sources reveal Rakishev’s connection to the Aktobe Oil Refinery in Kazakhstan, where a significant operation by Kazakh security forces targeted organized criminal groups involved in oil and oil product theft. The refinery, linked to Rakishev and Tasmagambetov’s family, raised concerns about oil smuggling. Bekzhan Kulbaev, another influential Kazakh businessman and Rakishev’s close friend, was involved in controlling the Temir field in Aktobe.

Bekzhan Kulbaev, who has been residing in London since 2011, is known for his involvement in the Expo 2017 scandal and has been actively buying real estate in England. Rakishev and Kulbaev share a history of common activities, including attempting to establish connections with influential figures in England, such as Prince Andrew. Rakishev has been instrumental in paving the way for Kulbaev and himself to gain senior patrons in England.

The complex web of associations, business dealings, and potential legal issues underscores the challenges and uncertainties facing Kenes Rakishev in the current geopolitical landscape.

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