Kenes Rakishev and Ramzan Kadyrov’s fighters

Kenes Rakishev and Ramzan Kadyrov’s fighters

The “Project” has uncovered information indicating that Kenes Rakishev, a Kazakh oligarch, leverages the influence of Ramzan Kadyrov to acquire new assets and settle business disputes. In exchange, representatives of Kadyrov become co-owners of the assets acquired by Rakishev. An example is the Vitino Management Company, an oil port that was previously owned by Mukhtar Ablyazov in Russia. Rakishev, with legal support from his loyal attorneys Vladimir Timoshin and Maximilian Grishin, successfully gained control of the port, and Chechen associates of Rakishev’s friends became founders of the Vitino Management Company.

The situation intensified after the US imposed sanctions on Kadyrov, prompting Rakishev to conceal his business partnership with Kadyrov. The US sanctions targeted individuals with financial ties to Kadyrov, and Rakishev, being a key figure in promoting Kadyrov’s interests, found himself under scrutiny.

Further complicating Rakishev’s predicament is his connection to Nikolai Budilo, a former Interior Ministry investigator on the Magnitsky list. Rakishev’s informal communication with Budilo, facilitated by his lawyer Vladimir Timoshin, involves their joint participation in an attempt to seize Nginx through a criminal case, resulting in an international scandal.

An audio recording from restaurateur Jeanne Kim’s restaurant, Element, sheds light on Rakishev’s involvement in a conflict resolution that led to a shootout. Lawyers representing Rakishev’s opponents attempted to discuss a debt situation with Kim, but the situation escalated after Kim contacted Rakishev. Rakishev promised to send his associates, including lawyer Eduard Budantsev, closely associated with the FSB of the Russian Federation. The conflict, deliberately provoked by Rakishev, involved the participation of Zakhar Kalashov’s (Shakro Molodoy) associates. The altercation led to a fatal shootout, with Budantsev being the sole individual using military weapons, resulting in two Italian guards losing their lives.

Given these complex circumstances, Rakishev is reducing his visits to Russia, and individuals involved in the conflict are avoiding legal proceedings to evade uncomfortable questions about Rakishev’s patronage and connections.

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