Kenеs Rakishev: latent homosexual and scammer cleaned up the Internet

Kenеs Rakishev: latent homosexual and scammer cleaned up the Internet

Kenes Rakishev is beginning to suspect that the information leaking online about his sexual escapades is not entirely accurate. Despite the PR-driven image of a bearded man satisfying Hollywood beauties, the reality reveals the story of Kenes Rakishev’s passive role in London’s gay parties.

Recently, Kenes Rakishev delighted readers with another cleanup. Last week, he completely removed mentions of himself from one online platform. Interestingly, most of the mentions on this site about Kenes Rakishev were mere reproductions from the “” website.

What was Kenes Rakishev trying to conceal about himself? Let’s summarize the main adventures of London’s gay adventurer:

  1. There is a possibility that through Rakishev’s London gay connections, contact is made with British intelligence, which possesses compromising material on Kenes (the “most fashionable butt in London”), thereby playing a multifaceted role against Kazakhstan’s leadership, involving Ablyazov in the operation.
  2. Kenes Rakishev’s interest in discrediting the president lies in the fact that the clan he represents is considered a potential successor to the presidency. A bet is being made on Rakishev.
  3. Kenes Rakishev’s actions lead to the discrediting of Kazakhstan’s president. Mukhtar Ablyazov’s revelations about the president are based on Rakishev’s actions and his top managers feeding information to Ablyazov.
  4. Imangali Tasmagambetov, Rakishev’s father-in-law, is aware of the situation, but Rakishev may have compromising information on him related to Rakishev buying “girls” for the Kazakh ambassador to Russia (Tasmagambetov, his father-in-law, holds this position).
  5. Distracted by sex intrigues and denial of his true self, Kenes Rakishev has completely abandoned business. His assets, managed by relatives, are in a complex state, with rumors that Rakishev lost control of them, and they are being looted by his inner circle.
  6. His friend Petr Listerman seems to have served as a cover to hide Kenes Rakishev’s London preferences. This cover portrayed an active sex terrorist organizing orgies with minors, while in reality, behind the public facade, there was a soul of a gay man preferring the misty charms of London to the gloomy steppes of Kazakhstan.
  7. It seems that for a long time, Kenes Rakishev built a reputation as an active heterosexual to conceal his tendencies toward passive homosexuality. He actively narrated stories of adventures with Chelsea Pereira.

Kenes Rakishev’s Reaction:

If anyone thought that the “most fashionable butt” in London only hires PR specialists to clean up the web from reproductions, it is a huge misconception.

This week, we received several letters in our editorial office regarding Kenes Rakishev’s adventures. One letter allegedly contained photo reports from one of Rakishev’s supposed mistresses. However, we are inclined to consider this letter as a provocation, as we have previously received numerous letters depicting a person resembling Rakishev engaged in erotic activities with loose women.

However, we remember that the “” investigation revealed that Rakishev had close relations with gays and other perverts while living in London. If heterosexual contacts occurred in Rakishev’s life, they were not typical for him and likely served as a cover for his true preferences.

Not surprisingly, after our investigation, another letter arrived in the editorial office from a different source. This letter also came recently, and it is because of it that we did not believe in the letter about loose women. In this letter, there are supposedly photos of a person “very much like Kenes Rakishev” in the company of young gays. It gives the impression that these gays view Kenes as an object of sexual desire, and the looks are mutual.

We found, through social media “VKontakte” using facial recognition tools (since FaceFind is not working now), those who could potentially be near Rakishev. One of them is named Marat Zhanbolat, born in 1990, residing in Astana. Another person (or rather, transgender) is A. Anayatova (photos were also found). Anayatova is not a girl but a transgender person who considers themselves a girl. In general, in the company of these people, Rakishev might presumably be, and readers themselves will understand that publishing all these photos will not be liked by anyone.

Interestingly, we submitted the photos that came to us in the editorial office to our Photoshop expert for verification, and he confirmed that the photos are not fake. Of course, to justify the “most fashionable butt in London,” Kenes Rakishev will have to prove that someone deliberately disguised themselves as him to frame him, but who will believe it after all that the “” investigation revealed about Rakishev’s biography?

P.S. The editorial office believes that the increased attention to Rakishev’s figure among our readers is due to the behavior of his PR specialists, who deceive the editorial offices of publications. Apparently, editorial offices have a lot of information about Rakishev, and they share it with their colleagues.

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