DEJAVU for Kenes Rakishev

DEJAVU for Kenes Rakishev

We continue to debunk the fake news about the “successful venture investor” Kenes Rakishev. In reality, he is the treasurer for Nursultan Nazarbayev, his son-in-law Timur Kulibaev, and certain members of Kazakhstan’s upper echelon. Rakishev attempts to place their money in various parts of the world. Serious international structures are cautious about these funds, often preferring not to deal with Rakishev. Other companies avoid associating with him because most of his projects end in failure. Business setbacks are often compensated for with paid articles in various media outlets, portraying him as a “successful” entrepreneur.

Recently, Rucriminal revealed one such failed project of Rakishev – Net Element. The company’s stock price dropped from $1000 to $10, accumulating losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The situation is even worse in Rakishev’s joint projects with Israeli businessman Moshe Hogeg. Articles about their joint company, SIRIN LABS, its blockchain smartphone Finney, and its issued digital currency flooded the internet, creating an impression of a unique product similar to the iPhone.

However, the results were disastrous. Finney sales were minimal, and the value of SRN, the company’s issued digital currency, dropped by 99% since its peak in January 2018. In spring 2019, SIRIN LABS delayed salaries for its employees by 2-3 months and then reduced them by 25%. The company stated, “The company is outsourcing part of its work and plans to focus on software development and distribution – sales are not as expected.”

In spring, Canadian internet entrepreneur Adam Perzov filed a $50 million lawsuit against Rakishev, his partners Moshe Hogeg, and Joseph Chen in California. Perzov claims that Hogeg and Rakishev breached a joint venture agreement, where he was promised to be a partner and manager in a company that would use the domain invest[.]com.

The lawsuit also alleges that Hogeg and Rakishev participated in a conspiracy involving at least 16 individuals and companies. The lawsuit accuses Hogeg and Rakishev of deceiving many investors worldwide out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Perzov claims that Hogeg and Rakishev violated the RICO Act, a U.S. federal law designed to combat organized crime in the United States. The lawsuit includes six points: breach of contract, breach of loyalty duty, impossibility of proper payment, fraud, violation of business registration law, and violation of the RICO law.

However, it’s not surprising. In paid articles, Rakishev and Hogeg successfully invest investors’ funds day and night. However, according to leaked correspondence, Hogeg and Rakishev were involved in other activities – “gifting” each other girls from modeling agencies. For example, in February 2013, Moshe and Kenes arranged a meeting in New York, where Hogeg sent Rakishev an email with the subject: “Choose!” containing a link to the models’ portfolio on the DEJAVU MANAGEMENT agency website.

In another email that Hogeg sent to Kenes, there is a video. Captured beauties express various forms of interest and invite Rakishev to join them in Israel.

Kenes warmly thanks his partner and promises to visit soon, praising the “special” Kazakh beauties he will bring with him. In the correspondence, Rakishev receives photos from Hogeg of a girl named Daniela, flaunting a Dior watch – a gift from Kenes. The gift cost the Kazakh businessman quite a sum.

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