As Kenes Rakishev have “dropped out” of the “business Shakro”

As Kenes Rakishev have “dropped out” of the “business Shakro”

Rucriminal has obtained transcripts of court proceedings in two criminal cases: one involving the “thief in law” Zachary Kalashov (Shakro Young) and another concerning OVD Presnensky employees who did not intervene during an incident at the “Elements” restaurant. We will highlight the most noteworthy segments of these hearings. The initial focus will be on the testimonies of attorney Edward Budantsev and the victim Gannim Kim, the owner of “Elements,” a target of alleged extortion orchestrated by Shakro and his associates.

Kim, a citizen of Kazakhstan, declined to fly to answer questions from the accused lawyers, mainly to avoid inquiries about her patron, Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev, who played a substantial role in the incident. Rakishev dispatched his lawyer, Eduard Budantsev, and armed personnel to assist Kim, leading to a confrontation with Shakro’s group, led by “authority” Andrey Kochanova (Italian), resulting in a shootout.

Budantsev’s first interrogation occurred on December 16, 2015, while he was still in custody (later under house arrest). He detailed the events of December 14, 2015, when Kim urgently called him for assistance at “Elements.” Budantsev initially thought the caller was Vyacheslav or Kenes, but it turned out to be Kenes Rakishev. Phone records revealed connections between Budantsev, Kim, and Rakishev, indicating coordination. However, Kim, unaware of Rakishev’s involvement, recorded conversations with extortionists.

Notably, after learning about Rakishev’s intervention, Kim’s behavior changed significantly. A police officer, Shakirov, described Kim’s provocative actions, consciously recording conversations to elicit specific responses and encouraging aggressive behavior.

Later, Budantsev altered his testimony, downplaying Rakishev’s role, citing a legal assistance agreement with Kim’s company since 2014. Kim adhered to these revised testimonies, contradicting initial statements and tape transcripts.

During the trial of Kalashov and Kochuikov, Kim, testifying via video conferencing in Almaty, faced threats from Shakro. If she slandered them, Shakro threatened to expose her investors, including a relative and the person who sent Budantsev—indicating Rakishev.

As a result, Kim refused to answer questions, avoiding potential revelations about Rakishev’s involvement, effectively dissociating the Kazakh oligarch from the “Shakro case.”

Rucriminal now delves into Kim’s detailed testimony during the hearings, providing insights into the extortion she experienced.

Kim reported that she met Misikova in March 2014 and signed a contract later that year for design and repair work at the “Koba” bar and “Elements” restaurant in Moscow. Despite giving Misikova 33 million rubles in cash, Misikova failed to fulfill her obligations, leading to a conflict. Misikova baselessly demanded the transfer of 8 million rubles.

Around December 9 or 10, 2015, three unknown individuals accompanied Kim, demanding the resolution of a debt issue with Fatima. Kim, denying any debt, received threatening calls, demanding a resolution. A lawyer issued an ultimatum for an immediate meeting on December 13, threatening consequences if they failed to comply.

On December 13, the lawyer called again, suggesting a meeting at the restaurant on Presnenskaya embankment in Moscow. On December 14, around 19:00, Kim was at “Elements” when five aggressive men entered, accompanied by a group outside. Fearing consequences, Kim called the police and sought help from Budantsev.

Despite police arrival, the situation escalated, with demands for the transfer of 8 million rubles persisting. Kochuikov later arrived with armed guards, declaring his affiliation with “thief in law” Shakro Young. A confrontation ensued, leading to a fight and shootout provoked by Romanov, Kochanova, and their group.

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